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KunstForum Hannah Höch Gotha

The small but remarkable KunstForum Gotha established itself in the old town a few years ago as a counterpart to the Ducal Museum Gotha with its antique and classic exhibits. Modern art has been displayed here in temporary exhibitions in an exhibition space of 400 square metres since 2014. The encounter between art lovers and artists can take place very directly in this place and an extensive supporting programme rounds of the exhibition experience.

It’s not just the art that is an attraction though – the building restored with support from the VR-Bank Westthüringen is a real gem itself. 

Use the ThüringenCard to get free admission to the KunstForum Gotha.

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KunstForum Hannah Höch Gotha
Querstraße 13-15, 99867 Gotha
Phone: 03621 / 510 426


Tuesday to Sunday:
10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.