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Overview Gotha’s sights

"Maria Magdalenae” hospital

The former Mariae Magdalenae hospital is hidden behind a beautiful Baroque portal. Saint Elisabeth personally had a facility built here to care for...

Hospital "Maria Magdalenae" © Archiv KulTourStadt J.Schröter


As the name suggests, the Buttermarkt used to be a trading place for dairy products and meat. Today the small, gorgeous square is lined with cafés and...

Buttermarkt Gotha ©J. Schröter

Friedenstein Palace

Friedenstein Palace towers over the city with its differently shaped corner towers as a landmark that can be seen from afar. Ernest the Pious laid the...

Schloss Friedenstein Gotha © Archiv SSFG L.Ebhardt

Friedenstein Palace - Ekhof Theatre

The fact that Gotha’s dukes staged their Friedenstein Palace as a pre-eminent centre of artistic endeavour is not just made clear by their passion for...

Ekhof-Theater ©SSFG Olaf Ittershagen

Friedenstein Palace - Museum of Nature

Gotha’s dukes didn’t just have a sense and taste for art objects but also fostered a keen interest in researching natural history. Parts of the large...

Museum der Natur ©SSFG A.Leeder

Friedenstein Palace - Palace museum

The palace museum in the north and west wing mainly displays the unchanged chambers of the Dukes of Saxe-Coburg-Altenburg and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as...

Schlossmuseum ©SSFG N.Pleil

Friedrichsthal Palace

On the way from the train station to the city centre, the road divides the grand Baroque ensemble of the Friedrichsthal Palace and the orangery...

Schloss Friedrichsthal Gotha Archiv KulTourStadt ©J. Schröter

Guild Hall

This stately building on the Unterer Hauptmarkt on the corner of Marktstraße has seen some turbulent times. The foundation stone was already laid in...

Innungshalle © Archiv KulTourStadt J.Schröter

Gustav Freytag memorial

The writer and cultural historian Gustav Freytag lived in Gotha’s Siebleben district today for many years and wrote many of his most important works...

Gustav-Freytag-Gedenkstätte ©Freunde d. Heimatgeschichte Siebleben e.V.