Persöhnlichkeiten aus Gotha

Art & culture


Gotha’s glamorous history has been shaped by important personalities from various fields, such as politics, science or art and culture. They have made the city nationally and internationally famous through their extraordinary work or remarkable success and therefore influenced the ducal residence’s special status. You can find a small selection of personalities here.


Designer, photographer and painter

Marianne Brandt (1893 – 1983)

Born in Chemnitz, she is still among the most famous Bauhaus artists today...

Born in Chemnitz, she is still among the most famous Bauhaus artists today. Having completed her education at the Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar where she was taught by Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee among others, Marianne Brandt worked at Walter Gropius’ Berlin studio for some time, who founded the art academy in 1919 and with this Bauhaus design.

She ended up in Gotha in 1929. As the new manager of the “Metal and mass goods design department” at Metallwarenfabrik Ruppelwerke GmbH Gotha, she succeeded in introducing an important change: With her modern ideas, she managed to revive the factory’s old-fashioned, excessive and not very creative products with Bauhaus aesthetics.

The combination of glass and matt black painted metal was mainly typical for her works.

The household objects created by her, like lamps and teapots, are still produced unaltered as design classics.