Gotha’s orangery is open all year round and seduces its visitors with the fragrance of citrus plants and creatively designed Baroque style flower beds. The Orangerie-Freunde Gotha e.V. association organises markets and concerts in this gem of garden design to forge ahead with repairs to the orangery building.

“OUTDOOR LOCATION GOTHA – BUGA ERFURT 2021”The city that was once a ducal seat successfully applied to be an outdoor location for “BUGA Erfurt 2021” with its “Gotha Summer Garden 2021” programme and was selected together with fourteen other locations out of 53 applicants in the first application phase. Gotha, just 20 kilometres away from Thuringia’s regional capital, is taking part in the 2021 national garden show with the Ducal Orangery, the Ducal English Garden and the water feature on Hauptmarkt.

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Orangerie, 99867 Gotha


The gardens are accessible all year round, guided tours on request

The laurel and orange house only for events

The northern greenhouse only for special guided tours