Gothaer Kranz

Gotha’s speciality cake

The “Gothaer Kranz” crown cake

The Frankfurter Kranz with its typical crown shape is considered be a speciality cake from Frankfurt am Main. The citizens of Gotha see things a bit differently though. You can hear statements here like: “Frankfurter Kranz? Never heard of it. There’s just the “Gothaer Kranz” here.” The little “Café Junghans”, centrally located on the Unterer Hauptmarkt, offers its guests the Gothaer Kranz based on an old family recipe. The alternative to the original cake from Frankfurt was created as a result of a lack of ingredients after the war in 1945. Georg Wollenberger, a pastry chef from the Café am Neumarkt that longer exists today, put this version together and named it after his home town. Walter Junghans also impressed guests with the Gothaer Kranz at his café with the same name. His grandson is keeping the tradition alive. As a result, there is always a piece of Gothaer Kranz on the café's counter in addition to the large selection of Thuringian cakes and pastries every day. Nowadays though it is made with the best ingredients again, like caramel-covered brittle nuts, butter cream and sponge cake.