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Stadthalle Gotha

Stadthalle Gotha is considered to be the founding site of the German shooting sport federation (1861). It was built as a shooting house in 1824 and is one of Germany’s oldest concert and festival halls with its historical structure. Concerts, entertainment and shows, lectures and conferences, receptions and balls are held here today. The building with great hall, small hall, foyer and bar holds up to 1,100 visitors depending on the use and seating. The affiliated catering is available to guests for events. The Stadthalle is a listed building and offers a setting steeped in tradition for events in a wide range of different genres. There is plenty of parking on Stadthallenplatz.

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Stadthalle Gotha
Schützenplatz 1, 99867 Gotha
Phone: 03621 / 510 426