Klettern Thüringen

Activity tourism in the region


There are several opportunities to get active with climbing in the south to south-west of Gotha county. If fun and action is the main attraction for you, then you are in just the right place in the Tabarz climbing forest. Move hand over hand, climb or whiz through the treetops on a variety of activities while secured here. In doing so, you are challenged with different levels of difficulties on various courses. In bad weather and during the colder half of the year, the “Alte Brauerei” indoor climbing park in Eisenach offers a wealth of variety on ropes.


But fans of rock climbing can also head up high in the Thuringian Forest. Numerous smaller and larger climbing rocks can be found around the Inselsberg and from Tambach-Dietharz to Oberhof. The Lauchagrund especially is considered to be a climbing paradise with its many routes in all levels of difficulty with very good safety features for the most part.

The Teufelsgrat, Dreiherrenwand, Aschenbergstein, Findling and Angstwand in particular must be mentioned as outstanding climbing destinations. The Rote Turm not far from the Bärenbruchwand is magnificent and has a child-friendly campsite. The 15 metre high porphyry jagged rock can be conquered via many easy to moderately difficult routes, partly on overhangs too. Bouldering fans get their money’s worth on the boulder blocks in the surrounding area. While the climbing rocks in the Inselsberg area are mainly easy to reach on mostly developed paths, the roughly 96 metre high Falkenstein near Tambach-Dietharz can only be reached on foot or by bike over the last six kilometres. As one of Germany’s highest rock faces outside the alpine region, the massif in the Schmalwasser floor that was first conquered in 1862 offers a whole load of climbing fun for beginners and pros on more than 90 routes.


Other climbing opportunities on natural rock faces can be found in the areas around Ruhla and Eisenach in the West and Oberhof, Schmalkalden and Ilmenau in the South. Fans of indoor climbing will mainly find what they are looking for at climbing and boulder centres in Erfurt, Weimar and Jena.